I needed help

My sister's good friend recently had twin boys. They were born at 34 weeks, at three and four pounds each. The bigger twin was allowed to go home after about ten days, but the little guy is still in the NICU until he gains more weight. This means my sister's friend - who had a... Continue Reading →


You have to get knocked down to get knocked up

It took me ten months to get pregnant. I know it takes some people much longer, and some people are never able to get pregnant at all, but ten months seems like an eternity when it's happening to you. Where I live, you have to have been trying for a year, or have had three... Continue Reading →

I was not prepared for this

I thought I'd pissed the bed when my water broke, and let's just say it was a fair assumption at that point in my pregnancy. I was taking a nap, or the third trimester equivalent of a nap, which consists of rolling around in bed like a beached whale, gagging on whatever meal you last... Continue Reading →

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